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Course Structure

The program of studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is structured on the basis of the students’ Work Load, which is quantitatively expressed via the credit units (ECTS). The duration of undergraduate studies in the Department is eight (8) semesters. Specifically, the program of studies has the following structure:

  1. The first two (2) semesters include General Courses (GC), such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemical Technology and Structured Computer Programming, as well as some introductory Specific Courses (SC), such as Mechanical Drawing, Machining Technology and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  2. In the third and fourth semesters apart from some introductory Specific Courses (SC) of Mechanical Engineering, such as Fluid Mechanics, Metallic Materials & Quality Control and Thermodynamics, Specialization Courses (SplC) are introduced in advanced mode, such as Machine Elements, Internal Combustion Engines, Fluid Machines and Renewable (Soft) Energy Technologies.
  3. In the following semesters (fifth, sixth and seventh), all the Specialization Courses (SplC) are offered, providing the students with further knowledge in contemporary areas of Mechanical Engineering, such as: Heating & Air Conditioning, Machining Shaping, Power Stations, Advanced Materials Technology, Engineering Design and Refrigeration Technology.
  4. Additionally, several courses are offered in the field of Management, Economy, Law, Humanities (MELH), so that the students broaden their horizons and develop the necessary skills required in the contemporary social and professional environment.
  5. Finally, the students are encouraged to attend Optional Courses (free electives) offered by the Department itself or in collaboration with other Departments of TEI Piraeus.

The eighth semester is needed for the practical training (internship) of students, either in public or private firms and organizations in a field related to their studies, provided that they have passed sixteen (16) compulsory Specialization Courses (SplC). This training, which lasts exactly 6 man-months, gives the opportunity to students to gain work experience in real conditions under the supervision of qualified and experienced personnel and a tutor chosen from the academic staff of the department.

Moreover, during the last semester of their study (eighth), the students are also required to carry out their final-year/graduation project (thesis), which is an indispensable presupposition in order to graduate and is supervised by a member of the academic staff. The Thesis can be undertaken either individually or in small groups of two and is finally presented and marked by a committee consisting of three academic staff members.


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