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Career Prospects of our Graduates

Our graduates – four years study – are awarded with a degree in Mechanical Engineering of Technology Education. They are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide range of topics and skills in the field of Engineering. In addition, graduates of the Department have been trained in the proper orientation, so they can meet directly the needs of market for professionals with theoretical and practical training. Therefore, they are active in a wide field of professional employment, which extends practically throughout the Greek market, such as:

  • In the Public Sector and Local Government
  • In the private sector and
  • As freelancers

Typical fields of employment for our graduates are the following:

  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Engineering design studies
  • Maintenance of plants and equipments
  • Constructions
  • Energy projects and energy technologies
  • Pollution control technologies and environmental protection projects
  • Shipping
  • Education
  • Research and development
  • Safety Engineering service companies

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, seeks to constantly be updated to meet the needs of the profession and incorporate new values in educational and research activities.


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