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Firefighting hero doctor perth among sri lanka bombing victims

Firefighting hero doctor perth among sri lanka bombing victims

In a dramatic and heartening development, a doctor who performed the life saving operation on a man who died in a plane crash after a failed bomb attack in the southern state of Kerala, was among the nearly 20 deaths on Wednesday.

Majeed Hussain, 57, had performed CPR after a bomb blast tore open his chest cavity during a helicopter operation in Kozhikode, north Kerala, on November 26.

A day earlier, another man, identified by relatives as th우리카지노e other man named by India Today as M더킹카지노ohd. Naseeruddin, had died in the same area when he was hit by a bullet in his chest and died on the hospital floor after suffering a heart attack.

Majeed Hussain, a doctor with a medical degree and training at Sion Hospital, was working as an ambulance driver when he collapsed following the explosion in the Kozhikode hospital building.

His daughter Kunal said the family was in shock.

Dr. Majeed’s daughter Kunal tells India Today she is devastated by the loss of her father.

Her father was an ambulance driver, she says. Dr. Majeed is an expert at performing cardiac interventions, her father told India Today.

He said he could not believe his son’s r더킹카지노ecovery despite being one of the top bomb attack experts in Kerala.

«We were worried that he couldn’t leave the hospital immediately when he collapsed due to blood poisoning,» she said. «I am just so shocked that he could live on the third floor of the hospital despite what happened.»

«I was so relieved that he was alive and well, and that he was safe. He was a doctor, his work was on a high.»

Dr Majeed was also credited with bringing to an end an earlier bomb attack at an army hospital in the city last year. Dr. Majeed had earlier told how he was on the hospital grounds, on Wednesday morning when two blasts ripped through the hospital.

«The second blast hit the office, which is in the same block as my work, and caused serious injuries. He was rushed on to my second floor, and I brought him to the emergency ward, where I helped perform CPR to save him,» he said.

His daughter said Dr Majeed has been an ambulance driver in Kerala. «He is a medical professional, and I believe him 100 percent,» she said.

Dr. Majeed worked with the Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Rescue Team in Koz

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