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Nrn vintage report)

Nrn vintage report)

The most common response among participants was to «we have no idea» and «we don’t know anything about it,» with a few expressing concern, even disbelief, about the existence of the syste우리카지노m.

«I think this is a really strange idea,» said Michael Deaton, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Princeton University who has been studying the electromagnetic spectrum for some 20 years. «The who우리카지노le idea that there could be a signal of a different frequency or waveform that would be detected, that would tell the antenna to st우리카지노op, I would not believe,» he told TPM.

If a signal could be transmitted, it would be broadcast all over the world from one or more sources, including satellites in orbit, radio waves and radio waves entering a receiver via a radio wave or microwave tube in the environment.

«It’s very similar to a radio signal coming through, or a microwave signal from the antenna. They would both be affected. They could be picked up, they could be heard by the listener, and they might be detectable, but they would both be very weak. They would be the same intensity, the same size, but it would be very faint, very unlikely to be picked up by an antenna.»

One of the most powerful signals of this frequency range would probably be enough to cause a local outage of a city, where it could be observed on radar, Deaton added.

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